Wednesday 8 April 2015

Night time board & Urban Furniture Q&A

I have finally managed to get some paint on the board and it makes it 'pop' a bit. Definitely gives it that feeling of darkness. I used a couple of different colour sprays. Black as the undercoat, then some shadow grey, in streaks, followed by more black to take the edge off.

A little more play testing has revealed that it is very easy to 'forget' about the effect of the Lampposts. This was really beginning to bug me. There was a suggestion earlier on in the blog that some disks could be used to denote the light. I have given that a try and it definitely makes a difference.

Urban Furniture Q&A

I have been looking online and seen a number of games recorded on Utube. These have proved very interesting to observe. A couple of things came to mind: -

1. Lampposts & Serwer placement - in the games that I have seen people seem happy to place them anywhere, including up on buildings. I have checked the rules and p80 & 81 say they can be placed 'anywhere in the playing area' within set limits that are defined.

I would welcome thoughts on this - but it does seem odd to have Lampposts and Sewers up high on buildings?

2. Objectives placement - again I have seen them placed anywhere which seems reasonable but I have noticed a line on page 81 in bold - A player cannot deploy objective markers on scenography element. What does this mean? It is followed on page 82 with a picture of a Riddle Objective up high on a piece of scenery.

Unlike the Lampposts and Sewers it does seem reasonable, to me, to have Objectives in / on buildings and at various heights.

Again I would welcome any thoughts?

Another small point concerning Ammo Crates & Titan Containers - victory points are awarded 'to its owner when they control it' Does this mean that you only get VP's for your own Objectives and not those owned by the opposition?

The wording also talks about the act of 'activating' so that the Objective can only be 'manipulated' once the Objective is 'activated'. Does this mean that only the owner can 'activate' the Objective?

Such are the questions of one who is yet to play - but better ask them now and have the answers for Sunday.


  1. The board looks fantastic, and the light circles are a great idea.

    In response to your questions:
    1) Lampposts and Sewers can't be placed on top of buildings. I've seen those reports too.
    2) Same goes for objectives. Sceneography apparently means any terrain piece that isn't the table top. It basically means Batman can't shaft you by putting objectives up in buildings.
    3) You only score off your own Titan and Ammo, but Riddles and Loot are fair game.
    4) The character 'activates' when they take their turn, they need to spend 1MC to 'manipulate' an objective to use it. If a scenario talks about 'controlling' an objective, you only need to be in base contact to do this, no counters need to be spent.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Just returning to the lampposts and sewers - it doesn't actually specify that you can't put them on buildings and 'on the gaming area' is open to interpretation.

      However, I think this is one of those moments where a rules designer hasn't felt it necessary to specify that sewers aren't accessed via rooftops and streetlights are found on the street, not really considering how willfully devious wargamers can be with vague writing. :)

      In two tournaments I've not seen anybody try to place them on buildings and I'd certainly argue with somebody who tried to do this.

      Again, hope this is of some use.

    2. Cool - that makes a lot of sense and it is always good to see what is done in the tournaments. It all sounds really practical. It will have implications in that people will want to place Objectives as close as possible to their own deployment zones. Should make for an interesting 'coming together' in the middle.

    3. I think some 'common sense' house rules are in order here perhaps!

    4. How about we say that one Objective per crew can be placed in / on the building. This Objective can be a Loot (light and mobile) or a Riddle. Other Objectives (Ammo crates & Titan drums) being more heavy and cumbersome should be a street level.

      I have also been thinking about a house rule to use the Ferris Wheel. I was thinking that a model at the lowest pod could manipulate the Ferris Wheel spending 1SC & MA. They would be then transported to the high level platform at at the cost of 3cm movement (one per level being mechanically travelled). Operate in the same way to get down again?

    5. I wouldn't complicate it regarding the Objectives – simply yay or nay. Characters with batclaws/grapple will get up there easily/quickly whilst others have to walk/climb – something else to think about when choosing your crew/gear and tactics.

      Re. the ferris wheel – it's you creation so I'll happily go with your rules for it :)

  2. Loving the night time look of the board – you've really gone to town and it shows!

    You're going to have issues with your circles if you want to put the lamp posts near terrain pieces. I think we should actually play at night and have led lights in the lamp posts :p

    I too thought that placing objectives anywhere was reasonable but concluded the rules disagreed which seemed odd.

    I know there are some objectives (such as riddles) that only the owner can interact with and claim, but aside from that didn't pick up on any of the other wording.

    Getting very excited now – can't wait for Sunday!

    1. He, he - yes I think it should be a blast. I was play testing traveling over building and stuff last night. There is a lot to read. I have painted ladders on where they should be.

      And as for the Lampposts and their disks of light - they slide under the base of the terrain if needed ;-)

  3. Question the regarding lamp posts. How does height come into play regarding light?

    Bull has made skyscraper lamp posts that are as high as some of the balconies on the terrain. Theoretically the lamp posts would therefore light up anyone on the balcony?
    Or, does it only light up the gaming board at street level?

    1. Another good thought - I would say that the Lampposts only cast light down and the height of the Lamppost would be important. Therefore a low level walkway may be lit up where as a high level roof or walkway (above the height of the lamppost head) would not be lit up.

  4. You guys are making me want to try this game! STOP! I don't have the time or funds!

    1. You wait till it kicks off at the weekend!
      I think this could get very addictive and it worries me, lol !!

    2. 'One Shot' - thats all it is going to take ;-)