Thursday 9 April 2015

Laughing all the way to your grave

Well I couldn't resist them. They are so shiny and nice and well .... joker'ish. I have ordered the Gas Canisters.

My understanding is that they do not cost any Rep or $'s. They can be taken as one of the Joker Crew Objective choices and, like Riddles, you can take 2 for a single choice. I'm sure we can fit it into the story line - the Joker planning to gas the city and these are the canisters that are being taken to the balloon - or something along those lines.

They give 1VP each to the player that controls them and will also increase the number of counters in play. (which is good for me)

But being Joker Crew they have a wicked side, in that all characters with 5cm take 1 Blood Damage unless they pass a Willpower test when the Canister is activated. The actual wording will be important to understand if there is choice when it comes to activating the canister but I believe all will be revealed when the blister pack arrives.

I am imagining a fleeing Clown being chased down by some of Batmans henchmen. When he gets the chance he activates the canister causing damage to everyone close by. Clearly in the upcoming game I am only facing Batman & Robin - no henchmen - but imagination is a great and powerful thing.

Anyway they will look cool on the board and add to the general atmosphere - provided they arrive on time ;-). I foresee mad painting late into Saturday night to get them ready.


  1. I can see what you would want these they look so cool.

    1. Well Batman won't be going anywhere near them, that's for sure lol

    2. Its going to be interesting because Batman will play very different to the Henchmen but he can't be everywhere at once ..... Ha, ha!

    3. Robert - they do look cool alright - can't wait to get hands on them.