Wednesday 1 April 2015

Balloon Assembly

Well the big moment has arrived and it is time to pop the balloon and see if the paper mache structure has survived and hardened properly overnight. I left it in front of the fire so that it maxed out on heat. I didn't go for the Linseed option because I wasn't sure how the paint might interact so .... without further a do ..... I give you -

The Balloon Port will sit between the Funhouse and the Ferris Wheel with each providing access. There is a platform from the Fun House roof and we will have a special rule for the Ferris Wheel, maybe expending 1 MA and 1 SA to interact with the Ferris Wheel (or something like that). It is also less than 30cm high for Batclaw access.

I needed a basket for the balloon and this was assembled using foam board, cocktail stick dowels, PVA and 4 BBQ skewers. I added a layer sellotape later to give strength.

Then I needed something to link the balloon to the basket.

The loading would be vertical and downwards through the wooden skewers. I cut out a larger piece of foam board and took a nick out of each corner. These would house the top end of the skewers which would also be pushed outwards into a small curve which should look good. I then glued four squares over the top of these holes. I tried adding tape but without great success.

Now I needed to connect the ballon. It also had to be removable for easy storage later. I went with the idea of an upturned Coke plastic bottle which has a curved bottom and would sit well inside the top of the balloon. I cut off the mouth piece and then cut out two large vertical slots in the shape of the foam board top platform.

This worked a treat and the Coke bottle sat on top of the foam board in a stable way.

I was delighted. All that needed to happen now was to add the balloon itself.

And there we have it - one balloon. It dominates the playing table and I am thinking of painting it up like a Joker's head.

Then it will be ready for the Joker to invade Arkham, dropping poison gas or whatever his wicked plan might be. Can Batman & Robin stop him, that is the question?

Thanks for all the ideas guys.


  1. Varnish is another way to toughen the paper inside and out should mean it can survive a drop or two.
    So far looking awesome and can't wait to see the whole funfair fully painted up.

    1. Thanks - Yes I am having a few big paint days over the Easter. Lots to be getting on with.

  2. Boo, I wanted audio!

    bull: sharp intake of breath
    /pop ?
    bull: wah wah waaaah

    Not sure why but for some reason I assumed the balloon would be completely covered - obviously it makes sense to have the hole at the bottom, otherwise where do they pump the hot air?

    Coke bottle was smart, I think you need a little thing hanging under the balloon to show the hot air being produced. Maybe a little electronic candle?

    1. And in my version there is audio. Not sure why I lost it in translation. In preview it played through Utube??

      Agreed - there is now an awful lot to do to get everything in order and looking the part. Huge amount of detail and paint required. I think I will make a big effort to get block paint on everything and then start adding details. That way it should look decent for the first few games.

  3. First game is a week on Sunday!
    We've both got some serious painting to do…!

    1. You thinking of expanding your crew with a view to spending some dollars on a few Henchmen?