Friday 3 April 2015

Joker Crew - 200 Rep & $1,000

Well the first game is only a week away. In the week I discovered that a 200 rep game has $1,000 of spend associated with it. This changes the possibilities for inclusion in the crew. I have been doing a tad more research and putting combinations together. The result is that I really am liking Sniggering.

I found this guy online and I thought he was impressive
(If anyone fancies a look at the rest of the beautifully painted crew then go for it)

He comes with a dollar cost of $600 so he wasn't available when I thought I could only spend $500. What an asset he is! His weapon has a Rate of Fire of 3, so that is 3 amounts of damage each turn. Each shot does 3 Blood of damage, that is potentially 9 in total. This is simply unbelievable and is far more than anyone else. He is a massive threat and I just have to include him.

The play testing is also teaching me that Objectives are probably the best way to accumulate Victory Points. There will be 6 - 8 Objectives as a base line, maybe more in certain Scenarios. To hold an Objective a character must be in base contact with it. So I will need lots of bodies in the crew who can fan out and hold the Objectives. 6-7 bodies would be great so that I can keep some of them together. Safety in numbers and all that good stuff.

With this in mind I have come up with the following 7 man, 200 rep, Joker Crew.

90 - Joker - you gotta love the One Shot Gun and Explosive Teeth.

25 - August - who can run and has a Handy, Heavy, 2 Blood Axe (add $150 for Clown paint to give him Distract)
25 - Sniggering - ($600) - with his awesome gun
21 - Contra-Auguste - who has a Handy, Heavy 1 Stun Baseball Bat
15 - Clown (knife) - who comes with Clown Paint (add $250 for Neurotoxic Drugs giving him Fast & Dodge)
14 - Clown (tube) - who comes with Clown Paint
10 - Prisioner (tube)

If I can pick up some Titan Dose during the progress of the game so much the better.

I reckon this Crew is both Hostile & Agile. Hostile because it has plenty of ranged firepower and also some good weaponry when up close and personal. Added Strength when combined with Clown Paint to Distract and also Outnumber the opponent. All great options and the benefits stack. Agile because there are characters that can Run and also the Neurotoxic Drugs give Fast. There is also the potential to use the Sewers to get around the board.

Yes - I think this has some nice flexibility. I will need to get the Prisoner model though.


  1. That rate of fire 3 only counts if you don't move, else it becomes 1. If I'm so close that you don't have to move to shoot me then I'm doing it wrong lol.

    1. It is an awesome amount of firepower though.

  2. All looks good. My only question is about what you want the Knife Clown with Fast and Dodge to achieve? He's quite weak and easy to take out, and there will be plenty of other targets for B&E's limited shooting.

    Given that you have two lots of Distract already, have you considered either a Magazine or Thrower for Sniggering?

    1. I was thinking of putting him in the Sewers and was thinking that he would have more reliable mobility with the drugs.

      Your point is well made with regards to the alternatives - I will have to contemplate.