Saturday 11 April 2015

Joker Gas Canisters

So with time ticking down there was one more visit by the post man. We do like the post man :-)

The Joker Gas Canisters arrived. They have been quickly assembled to get ready for some paint. They are disappointingly plain. No detail on the main body at all which is a real missed opportunity. It would be just as easy to make your own and save the money.

The actual rules card was in the packet.

This will be interesting because in order to gain the VP a character has to be standing in base contact. When he activates next turn he will need to pass a Willpower test or take 1 Blood damage. With two in play I will be killing my guys trying to get VP's. That should be funny. I suppose the thing to do is use the members of the crew that have high Willpower, where possible.

The postman also brought some Urban Furniture in the form of boxes and crates.

I am really impressed with these. Very sturdy and plenty of detail. They will make a great addition to the board and can be used for other games too. A worthwhile investment if anyone was thinking of making a purchase.

It looks like the Containers that I have ordered will not make it for the big game but I'm sure we will be fine without them.

Now - I am off to see if the glue has dried so that I can undercoat and start on the paint job. Well we can't have unpainted models on the day the Dark Templar is fielding a fully painted Crew, now can we ;-)


  1. I've not used the Gas Canisters before, but I suppose they're a good way of getting a few free hits in at the start of the game. Better against low WP henchmen, but at least they don't give anything away.

    I probably need to get/make some.

  2. Beautiful boxes, they look great!