Monday 30 March 2015

Urban Furniture progress

Got lots of little projects on the go in the lead up to our first game and obviously some fairly major ones as well with the Fun HousePower PlantFerris Wheel and Carousel. I will also need to do something with the board to give some texture.

However some essentials to play the game are the Lampposts and Sewer markers. I had fun making the Lampposts and the Sewers were just bits of vehicle from the Bitz Box.

I finally managed to get them all ready and added to the pile of playing scenery.

I have ordered some Batman Miniature Game Boxes

and Containers

which should be in the post. I figured that they would be good for lots of different game types, so worthwhile. There is benefit being higher than the opposition so standing on boxes or seats will be a tactic.

I have even ordered some Blood and Stun damage markers. I am going to need a couple of extra boxes in the garage to house all this stuff when its not in use but the production line is flying along.

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