Sunday 15 March 2015

Brain wave - Jack in the Box

I have been thinking about the objective markers that are required for the Batman Miniature Game. There are four types: -

  1. Ammo Crates - 3 victory points and restore ammo
  2. Loot - 1 victory point
  3. Titan Containers - 2 victory points and gain one  titan dose (+1 to all basic skills)
  4. Riddles - can be worth up to 3VP's but you might even lose 1 VP
Now The Joker just has to have a few Riddles up his sleeve and I wanted to make something characterful. My mind has been wandering through the possibilities for a few days and then it struck me - a Jack in the Box!

I had such fun making it. The spring is from a clothes peg, the skull from my bits box (I added some free stuff for the green hair look) and the box itself is just cut card.


It was great fun to make and will add a little something to the game.


  1. Outrageous fun! Very clever build.

  2. This is my blood bowl pogoer goblin from my insane goblin posse team named Riddlebox - also based on jack in the box: LINK

  3. Great idea with those Jack In The Box riddles. Consider this blog Followed. :)