Tuesday 31 March 2015

$150 Dollar Question - Q&A

An interesting discovery last evening. I was going through Google search looking for Batman Miniature Game related topics and came across an old discussion concerning the number of $ available to spend in the game.

The rule states that for every 150 points of rep you receive $500. We had interpreted this to mean that a 200 point game would receive $500 and only at 300 rep would you receive $1000.

The discussion sent me to this page which showed that there were two ways to read the rule.

$150 Dollar Question

I then decided to go to the new rulebook and see what I could find. It seems that the rules have changed to reflect the above thinking such that page 45 now gives complete clarity.

"For every 150 points or part thereof, you receive $500 of funding." 

It goes on to give several examples including....

"In a 400 point game you have $1500."

In our case a 200 rep game will have $1000 to spend. $500 more then we had been planning. Looks like we need to revisit our crews to invest the additional dollars. I think is will be a good thing as it will bring in potential 'Clown Painting' and 'Neurotoxic Drugs' even to the smaller games.

I have also noticed that all the Joker Clowns now have Distract on the latest Bat Builder

How have you guys been playing the dollars rule? And any advice on expenditure?


  1. I think the wording was changed to reflect the KM tournament pack which is 350 rep, $1500.

    In terms of spending:
    Magazine - always good for a shooter
    Flare - good if you have long range shooters
    Thrower - can isolate henchmen and leave them vulnerable, I like this on Sniggering to get to a vantage point, or Ringmaster to do a lone run to a distant objective.
    Clown Painting - with so much Distract knocking about, it can be surplus to requirements, but if you have the cash, it won't hurt
    Neurotoxic Drugs - not used yet, but I'd image it's particularly good on an Elite or Titan Clown

    1. Sniggering - of course - I will have enough dollars to look at him. Up to now he was too expensive. He does major damage I think and at long range.

    2. I played one game where Snihgering killed Clayface in one shot! Yes, it was lucky, but he can dish out 9 blood in one turn.

    3. 9 BLOOD!! OMG - I have just looked at his stats - Rate of Fire 3 with each shot doing 3 Blood. The best any of the others do is 2 Blood total. He has the potential to be simply amazing. I need to give him a long, hard think. I wish I had seen him take down Clayface - that would have been cool.

  2. This change makes no difference to my two man crew as only henchmen can buy equipment And my list doesn't have any.

    1. It is going to be really interesting to see how this all plays out.