Thursday 5 March 2015

Fun House progress

I really liked the idea of turning the Joker mask into some kind of Fun House. The idea is that it takes up the side of a building and maybe becomes the entrance. I found an old cardboard box that was about 2 thirds the height of the mask and used this as my starting point.

I glued a piece of foam board to its base making sure that it stuck out enough to take at least a single playing model. I then began a process of cutting out wall pieces about waist high to act as balustrades.

Next I added a 'storey' under the box so that the mask was able to stand to its full height. This gave me a three storey structure plus a roof. I made great use of cocktail stick dowels to give rigidity combined with lots of PVA.

The idea is that the Fun Park is abandoned and locked up - so only the outside can be used. The piece of terrain is large enough to substantially break line of sight and will also provide multiple height platforms. Strategically placed objectives will be great to ensure that the terrain is well used.

Next I needed to place a second line of maintenance platforms and do something with the roof to allow access to all areas. The dowels were less effective for this task so I hung the platform from the roof and added a support pole to the front corner. It is actually quite stable and takes the weight of a model no problem.

I have had a look online and the average Fun House seems to be a riot of colours and levels. The 'more is less' principle so go mad with additions and make it all look crazy. Here is a particularly loud example.

Reds and yellows will fit in with my chosen colour scheme but lets see how things develop.


  1. Dude, please tell me you didn't cut up the mask!

    1. No, no - not cut. I took off the hair, thats all. You cool with that?

    2. Your choice completely. It's just that it is a limited edition piece and there are much cheaper alternative solutions. :)