Wednesday 25 March 2015

Joker - One Shot Gun

I am building up to the main event and reading through the rules with care. The Joker has many tricks up his sleeve and there is a zany element to him that the rules are capturing very nicely. I am beginning to get that 'Warhammer 40k, Ork' glow. This happens when a rule has a fantastically unpredictable upside that could just totally change the game.

I give you the One Shot Gun!

It can only be used once per game but 'me oh my' I could be laughing for a very long time afterwards.

It is relatively short range at 20cm but the stats ... auto Hit, Strength 2+ to Damage (who said anything but a one - wash his mouth out with soap), the damage inflicted is 3 Blood which is heavy duty but if the Collateral Damage die (a separate die rolled for additional effects) is a natural 6 you score a CRT that results in the enemy character being a Casualty! Take him away please. Ouch.

You find yourself thinking I just got to have me one of those. I mean why not? There just should be a model already?

I can imagine the game unfolding and announcing 'stand aside - I am taking my shot'. You reach down under the table and and produce a replacement Joker model that has been made to measure. Surely he can't miss if you have the model on the table?

I love the pose. I am thinking that the current Joker model could be easily adapted. Turn the head to the right, straighten and lift the right arm and then perhaps cock the left arm having removed the knife so that the hand comes back to the hip. Add green stuff at the elbow and then a bloody big pistol with a really long barrel (piece of paper clip) to the right hand. With a nice weighty base, all should be fine. He, he.

I say - Boom!! Send The Batman to morgue!

Dare I purchase another Joker model - oh dear. I already have another delivery on the way and a second in my wish list. Steady now, steady. Perhaps a look on eBay might be a softer way to go ;-)


  1. You could always get the Heath Ledger Joker model to convert then at least you have an alt set of Joker rules if you fancied a change of leadership.

  2. If you do proceed, it will be very interesting to see how it turns out. :)