Tuesday 10 March 2015

The Joker Rulebook in the house

Great excitement with the arrival of the Batman Miniature Game Rulebook (Joker version). I ordered it a few weeks back and have been looking forward to receiving it.

It is a cool piece of artwork on the cover and a quick flick through the book makes for a mouthwatering experience. There is good background to the characters. Obviously my interest is currently focused on the Joker ....

And there is also a good section displaying all the miniatures from each crew. There are more than I was aware of.

I have a good selection of the Joker crew at this stage and the painting is coming along nicely. I am looking forward to getting them involved in a game. My playing table is also coming along and I am in need of crates and street lamps. These are essential to the playing experience.

I have not play tested yet but now that I have the latest rulebook I will be giving it a try. Should be interesting. It is always fun getting the basics of a new game under your belt and this reads as if it will be very different with lots of special rules to get to grips with.


  1. Nice, I just caved and ordered the rulebook!

  2. The rulebook looks lovely. What apart from the covers is the difference to the rulebook editions?

    1. To be honest I am not sure. The rules themselves do appear to have been updated. In a number of places it refers to things that have been replaced / updated.