Saturday 11 June 2016

Zombicide Black Plague - Redcap

I had a good look at the many new characters and some of the models are just sweet. I know from the games played so far that some of the weaponry favours the magician's and marksmen. There are some good spells and bows that really do allow damage to be handed out.

I thought that it would be nice to have some other options so I have selected a melee monster in Redcap Rodney and Lady Faye for her movement and Luck.

Lady Faye & Redcar Rodney
Lady Faye starts with a +1 free Move Action in the blue, the first upgrade is +1 Action and this is followed in the orange by +1 free Melee Action or Lucky (re-roll all the dice for an action) and then in red +1 Damage: Melee, Iron Hide or Reaper Combat (Can allocate an additional hit to a zombie in an adjacent square)

Redcap Rodney on the other hand starts with +1 damage: Melee, first upgrade is +1 Action. The orange upgrade is +1 free Melee Action or Reaper: Melee (Can allocate an additional hit to a zombie in the same square) then the red upgrade is +1 free Combat Action, +1 to dice roll: Melee or Zombie link.

I really like the Redcap Rodney model so he is first up to the painting table. He will be unique on the playing surface and he should really stand out. Got to love that axe!

Redcap Rodney
I think he will be great to have because of the +1 Damage: Melee. This will be good to handle some of the Fatties early in the game.