Sunday 12 June 2016

A little magic - Mizar

Having had a good look at the models I really like the look of Inquisitor Mizar. I am loving the scythe and that tall 'dead pan' look. I plan to play him as my spell casting Magician.

There are lots of interesting details to him. He is wearing plate armour and has the skull and bones hanging from his wait and there are lots of other nic-nacs. I even like his hair but  the scythe is the over-arching thing to like.

He has a free Magic action to start with and then has Spellbook, all spells in the inventory are considered to be in the hand. This is cool because it saves actions swapping spells in and out of the inventory. And the final upgrade is Spellcaster which gives another free Action for Magic. Yip he is pretty cool. He can even have a Death Stike spell as his extra bit of equipment.

Can't wait to get him on the board.


  1. Absolutely splendid! I really need to start having a closer look at some of the stats in order to compliment yours.

    1. Well there is plenty to choose from. I have also noticed that we now have extra plastic card holders so I am guessing the number of survivors goes up in the new rules.

    2. I need to have a look at that, but your not wrong. I packed mine away for the moment so back to thinking about Frostgrave.