Sunday 19 June 2016

Wulfsburg - the beginning

Yes, I finally got myself into a position to play. I didn't want to use unpainted Survivor models so I set myself the task of researching and painting a survivor crew.

First Wulfsburg Crew
As I have been discussing earlier in this blog, my first choices were Mizar, Redcap Rodney, Genevieve, Nelly and Lord Arnaud. This left me with one spot to fill. In the end I went for Lord Falstaff. He is very much Melee oriented and I liked the movement benefit granted by Bloodlust: Melee in that he can charge up to two zones to end up in a zone with zombies. He then has a free combat action.

My group had a free Search thanks to Arnaud, additional Movement through Nelly, heavy hitting with Redcap Rodney and Genevieve both of whom have +1 damage, a free +1 magic action with Mizar and a crazed charging zombie killer in Falstaff.

The opening quest is Welcome to Wulfsburgh. A six tile encounter that also uses the new Tower tile. Survivors on this tile have additional visibility. Good to give cover fire to other Survivors. Its like a bit of sniper overwatch.

The new weapons look cool and do a lot more damage. I was looking forward to trying them out.

Welcome to Wulfsburg
It had been a while and I really enjoyed getting back into Zombicide. My crew proved to be very effective indeed. The first Necromancer spawned and was trapped behind a closed door. He was therefore one of the last models to be dealt with and so took the Necromancer rule out of game 1. The Fatties were no match for my Survivors. Even with basic weapons I was able to handle them with the +1 damage benefit from Redcap Rodney and Genevieve. I just love Redcap Rodney. Looks cool on the board and dishes out serious amounts of damage.

The new Wolfz are a menace. They have three Actions and as such they can be awkward when coming at you through a crowd. They also tend to arrive in packs of 3-4.

The new weapons are amazing and it wasn't long before I felt properly 'tooled up' and invincible.

I didn't use the Tower at all, I just blasted my way through the board. High death rates had me in the Orange level and heading quickly towards Red. It was fine though. I felt able to handle the pressure.

The game feels very different. Lots more weapons and much higher levels of damage.

This is the introductory game and is probably giving me a false sense of security. I intend to run it a few more times just so that I become familiar with all the new weapons and stuff. Very enjoyable though.

Looking forward to meeting some of the new big bad boys. But that will be further down the line.

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  1. Superb news! Looking forward to doing something similar when I get to the holidays!