Thursday 2 June 2016

Frostgrave Warband Development

I have had the chance to consider my options for developing the warband. There are so many ways that gold coins can be spent that the options are many and varied.

The first thing that I need to do is replace my dead Marksman, Cedric. (rest in peace)

I have decided to take a Barbarian. He is a hand to hand specialist with a Fight of +4 which is the most available and he comes with 14 Health, which is 2-4 better than other soldiers. He has low armour though, only 10. He has a two-handed weapon so I will be building a new model.

My wizard has reached level 8 and I have spent the points improving Wall (7), Bolt (9) and Leap (6). Leap is an aligned spell so I have to suffered a +2 making it 8 for my Wizard and 10 for my Apprentice.

The Dark Templar has had a better level of success when casting spells and as such he is a couple of levels ahead of me. He is level 10. His Wizard is more powerful and this could become an issue as we move forward.

I rolled on the Treasure table for the two pieces that I picked up. An 8 and a 9 gave me low gold coins but I did get a Cloak of Protection and a Magic Bow. I will give the Cloak to Baldric and my Ranger Edmund will receive the Bow. It is reward for killing the opposing wizard in the last game.

I have spent my gold on a Kennel, which gives me a war hound and then I have purchased a Magic two handed weapon for Barbarian, Uther.

Edmond & Uther with magic weapons
I have highlighted the magic weaponry by painting them blue and red with little flashes of white to represent magical lightening. The rest of the warband is quite dull by comparison which helps the weapons stand out.
War band after game 4

War band after game 4
In summary the balance of the warband has shifted more towards hand to hand with the inclusion of my Barbarian and the new Warhound. The Warhound is speedy with a Move of 8. I have improved Leap which is now 6. I used it a fair bit in game 4 and anything that improves movement is good especially if the soldier is carrying treasure as this halves movement.


  1. Excellent, I was just reading how Mike had shunned the Barbarian's talents so will be interested to see how yours gets on.

    1. Indeed, I have read that too. He has 2 points less Armour but compensates with 4 extra Health. I like the extra Health at the moment.

    2. Your Barbarian only has 2 more Health than my Templar, and I have 2 more Armour than your Barbarian – not much in it really, though your guy can move 1" more. I could take Magic Weapon or Magic Mail Armour (if such a thing exists), whereas your guy can only take a Magic Weapon.