Wednesday 1 June 2016

Frostgrave Game 3

Having played a couple of games we decided to step up the stakes for our third outing. We decided to play Random Encounters optional rule. This would mean that we rolled a D20 every time a piece of Treasure was picked up, on a 16 or more a beast of some kind was also discover who would promptly attack. All kinds of beasts are available and a dice roll on the table (page 110) decides what has been found.

We also decided to play a Scenario and rolled for The Worm Hunts. This meant that every time a piece of treasure is picked up there was a chance that a giant worm would also appear and the chances of it appearing improved each time a measure was packed up. Double jeopardy! The giant worm is a proper beast with +4 Fight and 20 Health points. Not to be trifled with!

We had learned, from the first days gaming, that it is important to really stack the terrain so that is what we did.

Stacking the terrain
We put the building in the middle to block up lines of sight and used all the trees we had . Next we placed the 6 pieces of treasure. I was down numbers for this game because one of my Thugs had been Badly Injured in the last battle. We were ready to rock and roll!

I chose to advance from the left and decided that the two pieces of treasure in the building should be my main targets. The building would give me good cover and I planned to use Telekinesis to drag the furthest piece of treasure towards me. The third piece of treasure was in a wood on the right so a set my speedy Thief after that and gave him two Rangers to act as cover.

Baldric advances
It was all working out to plan. We pinged the odd shot at one another but the terrain and the walls that I dropped combined with the fog dropped by the Dark Templar meant that it was all a bit cluttered.

But then the game burst into life with the appearance of a Giant Worm!

Worm Time!
It appeared when my Treasure Hunter, Victor, picked up the treasure that Baldric magically moved towards us. Up to now we had not got into Hand to Hand combat so this was going to be a new mechanic for us.

I bravely sent my thug, Signor in to help battle the creature. He was promptly eaten! I sent in my Man at Arms Thatcher and he had chunks taken out of him. And in its own turn the worm eat my treasure hunter, Victor. Jesus!! This was a very different game. Hand to hand is devastating.

I panicked and decided to take a risk. Baldric fired a fire bolt into the combat. The risk was that I would hit my own guy. I didn't, I hit the worm and it exploded into a mess. Relief!

The nerves settled.

To add insult to injury the Dark Templar pinged a shot at Thatcher who was now standing in the open, a bit shocked by recent events and on low health. The result - dead!

I was feeling completely wasted and the Dark Templar was giggling to himself. Everything was going his way. He was successfully casting spells, had raised his zombie, picked up some treasure and just had one more to pick up. I was down three guys and feeling like I just wanted to get off the board to lick my wounds. He was even pressuring the building I was in with five guys - but then - it happened as the Dark Templar picked up the final piece of treasure - a second Worm!!! (in the form of a Rat Ogre)

A second worm
Having just witnessed the carnage at my end of the table the DT a little on edge. The Worm promptly eat the zombie with the treasure and then tore into a group of three guys who had been pressing one end of the building that I was in. 

As I had just demonstrated there was little point in attacking this beast individually so the DT swarmed his guys over him and only with the benefit of numbers did he actually attack. A much better strategy! He was successful.

This also bought me time to get to safety. I dropped a few walls to cover my exit and we were done. An outstanding game of Frostgrave. I felt like I had been in a proper scrap and the adrenaline was pumping. It was time for some lunch and a much deserved cuppa.

In the after game I improved Wall, Bolt and Leap. Magical Gloves of Strength also dropped which I gave to my Man at Arms. I kept my Gold Crowns.


  1. Brilliant, sounds a right scrap.

    1. This was a top class adventure and no mistake. Proper gaming at its best!!