Monday 20 June 2016

Ba Boom

Mizar was nervous. They had come a long way and were getting close to the exit. The day had started badly with the death of Lord Falstaff. Yes, yes a lack of concentration and a wayward Inferno Blast, but these things happen. Mizar steadied the group. He sensed danger behind the closed door.

"Now can we be clear - who has the Dragon Bile and who has the Torch? We will only get one shot at this"

The gathering menace
"One, two, three". Boom, and the door shattered. The Dragon Bile was tossed forward and Mizar lit it up with his Flaming Great Sword before diving for cover. Whoosh, and the very air seemed to burn.

Mizar peeked his head around the corner. It had worked. The way was clear and the exit in sight.

Mizar has become my first Ultrared Survivor. He levelled into he orange twice, thereby picking up the second upgrade. That is 43 + 20 kills in one game!


  1. Absolute carnage, you are having way too much fun!

  2. At last I heard that wave 2 is heading my way (typical, I was in the absolute last bunch of backers being sent their stuff). Just a couple of days and I can fondl... I mean paint all those new figures.