Tuesday 14 June 2016

Building my Survivor group

I have been building a group of Survivors to take on the Zombicide, Black Plague, Wulfsburg challenge. My first three have been Lady Faye for her +1 free Move action, Mizar for his +1 free Magic Action and Redcap Rodney for his +1 Damage: Melee.

Starting Wulfsburg Survivor group
My next addition needs to be able to deal some damage  from Range. There are not a lot of options really and I think that Genevieve is the stand out candidate. She starts with +1 Damage: Ranged and has good options for orange and red upgrades. I am liking +1 free Ranged Action and +1 to dice roll: Ranged.

Genevieve joins the party
So I feel that this has a nice balance to it and also can dish out proper damage from the start. Two of the guys have +1 damage.

Now I need to compliment these four.  I am thinking that a Search benefit would be good, maybe someone starting with a good weapon or maybe some more mobility. Born Leader has also been a great benefit in the past.There are lots of options to consider.

Of course, it would also be nice to include  one or two of the more magnificent survivor models.


  1. Nice choice, someone with rotten would be useful too.

    1. Good call although it might be difficult if there are zombie groups. You still need to spend extra actions to move away from the square.

    2. But you could charge headlong into a group and stand still, they have to walk past you leaving you free to pick up an objective.

    3. That is actually a really good point especially as because you are making no noise or anything they will move towards the other Survivors so you could be deliberate about that. I really like your thinking here!!