Tuesday 14 June 2016

Slippery examined

We have played a few games and Nelly has been an important character because of her Slippery ability. This allows her to move out of squares occupied by zombies with no penalty. Very handy when the board is crowded.

She also starts with a +1 free Move Action meaning she is quick from the start and she can really get out of trouble when needs must. She is also good in Melee even packing a dagger as third hand held item.


I had a look through the various Survivors to see who else offers this option and the results are: -

Hitch - who starts with Slippery and picks up +1 free Move or +1 free Melee at orange level. I am not sure about the Slippery at the start. In my experience this version of Zombicide is much more forgiving during the early stages. I do love the Bowie inspired model though. I think that the +1 free Move Action would be more advantageous to have in the first slot.  The effect is that Nelly is probably a better choice.

Inspired Hitch
Milo - he is an interesting choice as he starts with +1 Damage: Magic and has Slippery or Spellcaster for the orange upgrade. He has the option for Hit & Run, a +1 free Move Action or +1 die: Magic as his red upgrade. He can also carry a speed scroll as his additional hand held item.

This gives two clear options.  He starts as a heavy hitting Mage and this can be supported with Spellcaster and +1 die: Magic or Slippery with +1 free Move Action to increase mobility.
Apprentice Milo
I really like this little guy. He would be a great addition to the team. If I did choose him then I would need to get initial movement benefit from elsewhere.

Beauregard - He has Slippery as a choice but only at the Red upgrade, so probably too late.

Summary - I am liking both Nelly and Milo.  I might even take them as a combo and drop Lady Faye. Emmmmm much to contemplate.


  1. Decisions, decisions! You clearly don't have enough work to do this afternoon. :D

    1. Lol - got to spend time on the important stuff :-)