Wednesday 7 October 2015

Zomtober week 2 - working progress

I have been busy on the painting table working on the Toxic Zombies. I have enjoyed the fact that the models are quite a bit different in terms of sculpt. They are much more decayed with bones showing through, lots of boils and spikes and are are posed with more awkward angles. They stand out. I still wanted to paint them differently though and used a rotting green / blue for the skin with green washes. I also placed green toxic puddles on the ground.

Beware the 'Toxic Spray' if you get too close.

Here they are lined up beside the zombies for the original box set. We have both Abombinations, both Fatties and some Walkers.

Survivor Crew Assembley

I am still working on filling the final two slots for the Survivor Crew.

There I was going through each of the characters, reading the various rules and thinking about which way I would go. There of lots of different combinations that would work and be complimentary. Maybe even some that would suit particular scenarios. Then I came across it .....

"AMBIDEXTROUS - The Survivor treats all Melee and Ranged weapons as if they had the dual symbol"

Now you just know that is going to appeal to an Ork player. My mind raced .... that could be two Chainsaws, one in each hand or or or or .......

Just think of the pain and the hurt that could be inflicted.

I really like the sound of Josh and Doug both of whom benefit from this skill in Zombivor form.

Doug will be great because he has Matching Set and also gets a Free Search which can be combined with +1 die: Ranged and then the Ambidextrous skill. So he is great at getting tooled up and Ranged is the way to go.

Josh on the other hand is Melee. He gets Slippery, +1 free Melee Action, +1 re-roll per turn and Ambidextrous.

Handfuls of dice - Joy, bliss - my crew is complete!


  1. Love that toxic spray! They certainly stand out from the originals too, great job Sir.

    1. Thanks - I do like them and I think that they will good on the board.

  2. Suitably icky! Awesome stuff. :)