Friday 2 October 2015

Elsa zombivor painting

I had some fun with this. Using the new technique I felt much braver. I piled on the grey coats and then started to knock it back with the blacks. It really is very effective indeed. The model looks good on the board although it may need a little more in the way of a final black wash.

There is a lot of detail to take account of, with many tears in the catsuit, some of which I only noticed a little late and under the microscope. I love the sword and it always feels good to get the 'gore' on the model. Blood and guts - you got to love it. Hands bathed in blood, oh Yes!

I rewarded myself by finally allowing myself to paint the Abomination. I had no real plan - I just went for it. He is a proper lump and was great fun.

The idea is that he has burst out of one of those orange boiler suits and green wellington boots. I went for that dirty look with some purple washes, lumps of bone sticking out everywhere and then 'gore', lots of it. He looks good on the board and will be something for everyone to run away from - well that is unless you have a Molotov Cocktail of course.

The two girls remind me of the Victorias in Malifaux. Pity they can't team up. Ah well.


  1. Well done you, she looks wonderfully gory! Fantastic job and as for the big fella - brilliant!

    1. Thanks. I have started to have a look at the stats for some of the other Zombivors. Very interesting indeed.

  2. Her zombie half looks great. The abomination looks top notch its like you had a painting plan or something. :)

  3. Fine work dude! Impressive gore too.