Monday 26 October 2015

Santa's little helper

Following the recent line of thinking I went in search of a 'lady of the night' to match my recent pimped up Santa. The whole thing started with  my discovery of this image.

But then I kinda went in a different direction, after I got the block colours in place.

Anyway I thought to myself that one of the female Toxic Walker models might be just be what is needed. The aim was to paint her up in a 'sexy santa' outfit. Great fun. I added a little white edging to the red and it did the trick. I moved away from the green skin tones that I had been using which would have been inappropriate for this theme.

So we now have the 1970's zombie pimp Santa with his very own 'lady of the night'. A lovely couple.

Its just mad how this fine hobby can travel in very unpredictable directions. They will make a really fun addition to the game though.


  1. Loving this BF! Pimp Santa just needs a few more bitches for his ho (ho) train! LOL.

  2. Pimp Santa and his 'Ho ho Ho'! (see what I did there? ;) )

  3. A Christmas themed game - escape the mall with your presents intact!

    1. I like it - we could even have special Objective counters.