Thursday 15 October 2015

Zombicide painting projects ongoing for week 3 of Zomtober 2015

Its been one of those weeks where I just keep being distracted and moving from one interesting project to the next.

I started at the weekend by getting stuck into the Survivors. After the last couple of weeks, this was a reward. I had some block colours on the minis but they needed a lot of additional work and facial detail. As I was doing this I figured it would be a good time to commence the Zombivors. I am loving these models. The colours had to match and this seemed to make sense. I really enjoyed painting them. It proved quite hard to match the colours. This is what happens with lots of highlights and washes. I am enjoying picking out the details.

Then I said to myself that I really needed to complete the zombie sets. I had no Runners and therefore started a set of eight (on the right) and some Toxic Runners (on the left). Once these are done I will have some of every zombie type painted. But they were not so much fun. I am not keen on the models themselves.

Then I figured I should add in some more of the Toxic Walkers so I started them (4 at the back right). I do like these models. I also added a Fatty for some reason, he was undercoated and lying around.

Then Zombivor Neema called to me so I gave her a little attention.

And then I was reading up on the VIP's and decided that they really needed to be included. I will need to have all 20 painted to use the new weapons and cards. I started to look up different hot dog types, as you do ..... seeded buns, mustard and ketchup with sides .....

The result is bedlam!

By the end of last evening I was looking at the table saying to myself - 'what are you doing, finish something you idiot'.

Now this is why Zomtober is such a good thing. I want to have something to show for Sunday morning and as such feel the need to FOCUS! Finish something! Get it done!

Thank you Zomtober. Is it any wonder that my garage is a magnificant collection of unfinished models?


  1. A veritable hive of activity dude. Long live Zombtober!

  2. Brilliant! I am absolutely thrilled that you are getting so much from Zomtober, I'm hoping to get another of my new Studio Miniatures done by Sunday.