Thursday 12 February 2015

Batman begins

The Dark Templar has strayed from the path and found himself engulfed in the world of Batman. He has been scratching this itch for some time and gradually it has sucked him in until ...... well ..... I think I know how the next few months will go.

I thought that I better give in and have a look at the game itself and guess what .... I think I like it!

I downloaded the rules and have had a good look through and even watched one or two of the shorter introductory clips from utube.

There is an array of models and many of them are really quite fun. 35mm is the scale so a bit bigger than the recent 28mm and I think this is for the best.

I feel a bit of an itch coming myself.....

So if I am going to confront Batman who should I become? There are many choices.

Essentially this is a skirmish game and a crew needs to be assembled around your chosen leader. A big part of the game is also the creation of an appropriate game board to reflect your surroundings. I am beginning to like the sound of this more and more.

My natural inclination is to be drawn by the female models ..... this tends to reflect my play style based on fast, agile movement. I like to attack and this style so often seems to fit me. Catwoman looks good, as does Poison Ivy and there are more to review.

One of the introductory online clips suggests that you just have a look at the models and choose the group that you really like the look of and then go from there. This seems to be a top idea. I can immediately get to grips with assembling and painting the models that I am most drawn to.

I am off to do some proper browsing and I can feel myself ....... tumbling ........ through the looking glass and .......... down the rabbit hole .......... only to emerge in the world of Arkham City! Bring it on!


  1. You need to go to
    It's a crew builder that is rather awesome and have a look at the F-Show videos there

    1. Thats cool - I love the gang builder - you can easily see what models go together. Nice one.

    2. So who are you liking the look of?

    3. Well I have been thinking about possible boards and the idea of Coney Island, New York came to mind for the Joker. I looked up some images online and am feeling very inspired indeed.