Thursday 26 February 2015

Joker crew assembling

Harley Quinn had been tasked with gathering the crew. Clearly something was up and getting ready was the order of the day.

First off she figured that a shotgun was always handy to have in a brawl and so she went in search of Triston.

and sure enough, she found him with his 'game face' on, pockets bulging with cartridges and spoiling for a fight.

Next up she wanted someone that could handle themselves when it got up close and personal. She was a fan of the baseball bat and she knew just the person to call on - Contra Auguste.

Ah yes - the crew is a gathering.

They are starting to come together quite nicely. The themed bases are doing their job and the white faces really do stand out. I am looking forward to getting them stuck into a game and seeing how the perform on the battlefield.


  1. I mostly play 40k, and occasionally dabble in fantasy and the old specialist games. My one wish for GW is a skirmish game that is truly compatible with the main game so I can fit in quick games and get the satisfaction of progress with a few models.
    These guys are looking great and I bet thats really helping you get the full gang done knowing that with just a few models down you're a long way towards a full gang must be a good feeling.

    1. You know you are sooooo right. 40k has become daunting because there are so many models needed to play even an entry level game. This was not the case in the beginning. Back in the early days 20 models or so was enough to get you started.