Monday 16 February 2015

A Joker Crew, first thoughts

So the challenge has been thrown down to create a couple of Joker crews so that we can get a game or two under our belts. The first crew is to be 200 points of Reputation and the second 350 points.

Lets start with the models that I have purchased and see where that takes us.

I bought the basic Joker Crew. This gives me the Joker (90 rep), the Ringmaster (32 rep), Contra-Auguste (21 rep), and Clown (knife) (15 rep)

to which I added August (25 rep) and Triston (26 rep & $300)

and then Snickering (25 rep & $600) and Clown (shield) (16 rep)

and then the model that I really love Mr Hammer (71 rep)

And I already have Harley Quinn (61 rep)

I have started reading and all these models don't necessarily go together so I will have some thinking to do. Lets have a look at some options and how a crew comes together.

The gang limit is set by Reputation Points together with dollars. For every 150 points of reputation I gain $500 to spend and the option to take a Free Agent.

The basic dynamics are that I can have one Leader, a Sidekick, Free Agent's and lots of Henchmen.

200 rep Joker Crew

The main limitation here is that I can take a single Free Agent and I have $500 to spend. I don't have any Free Agents as yet so that is an easy decision. I think that the dollars should be spent, $300 on Triston and use the remaining $200 on extra ammo.

So, Leader will be my Joker at 90 rep and then Triston at 26 rep that is 116 points so far.

It seems reasonable that I take Harley Quinn as I have some paint on her so that will be another 61 rep. That is 177 total leaving me with 23 to spend. Contra-August costs 21 rep so I reckon that is the way to go to make sure I am getting value for the points available.

Now the only thing about this is that Harley Quinn has rules that influence other members of the crew and there are very few here. Emmmmmm. Also the Joker has a Chaos Agent rule that helps all members of the gang other than his Sidekick. Maybe when the crew is this small I should consider not taking a Sidekick?

I could take August 25, Contra-Auguste 21 and Clown (knife) 15 instead. This would probably have better balance.

350 rep Joker Crew

Plenty to think about here and probably best to play a game first however there will be three Free Agents available and $1500 to spend. On this basis both Snickering and Triston will be in play so that will be $900 plus $400 on extra ammo leaving me with £200 to spend.

Joker at 90 rep, Triston at 26 rep and then Snickering 25 rep. That is 141 rep so 209 rep still to spend. I think I will need more models to get to this total but ...

71 Mr Hammer
61 Harley Quinn
25 August
21 Contra-Auguste
32 Ringmaster
15 Clown (knife)
16 Clown (shield)

That is 241 in total however I can only take one Sidekick so I will need to get in another few crew members for when we step up to this level.

Looking forward to it.


  1. And so it continues! Lots to think about indeed and by the looks of it more to purchase! ;)

    1. I wouldn't mind but the first lot has not turned up yet. I looked at a blog or two last night and I am worried about the need for pinning. All the models seem to come in parts and I know that Mike had real issues with Harley Quinn. Fingers crossed that all will be well.

    2. You've also got this fella coming soon of course…

  2. It must be contagious as I did have a sneaky peak at the Penguin crew last night - all very expensive though. Just as an aside have you seen this? Check out the second video - table concept, very cool!

    1. I think the thing about the money is that they give away the rules for free so you are not having to buy a big expensive book (unless you really want to) so when balanced then ..... they are a bit pricy but overall ..... not hugely and you don't need that many for a basic crew.

    2. Nice video - I want to try and make a ferris wheel myself and I think I have figured out how to start so looking forward to that later.

    3. The free rules will be going away soon as they're about to release a v2 rulebook

    4. That sounds like a chap trying to justify his recent expenditure. :D That said, I have just downloaded the rules - just in case you understand. ;)

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