Wednesday 21 January 2015

Looking back at the last 18 months or so

It has been a good couple of years on the hobby front and this blog has benefited from both the variety and intensity of my indulgences.

In early 2012 -13 I had been playing Warhammer 40k, my Dark Angels and put a lot of time and effort into the new models and some real learning from the games we played. Very enjoyable but large scale and a lot of effort required.

A change of pace was needed and so Star Wars X-Wing was discovered. We loved it. Totally new game mechanics and each game was of short duration. A blast to learn and play.

The game acted as inspiration. We had played many games over over recent years and recognised the joy of getting away from the large scale stuff for a blast of fun to break things up. Short sharp games with lots of action and dice rolling. Heroic acts where you could risk all and maybe, just maybe it would come off. A new game was born - Dark Crucible

Myself and the Dark Templar spent several months developing the game. The idea was to have something that most people with a small collection of models could play on a coffee table. We started with an agile, lightly armoured force, the Celts against the more heavily armoured and regimented force, the Romans. We wanted each side to have 5 -10 models and so it began.

We tried a few different systems of game mechanics. This was not easy but definitely great fun.

I had the pleasure of being the Celts and coming up with ideas to bring them to life. I wanted them to be fast and lightly armoured Tribesmen.

War band by Michael at 28mm Victorian Warfare

I started doing some reading and really liked the idea of having reckless, body painted/tattooed , semi naked freaks to give character. We also discussed the influence of magic or the druids. This was very important to the Celts. The idea of The Morrigan was born, influencing all on the battlefield.

I have recently discover this model, I just need to figure out how and where to buy it ;-)

Game development was great fun. We came up with the concept and the starter rules in the first couple of months and then began to develop stage two. To be honest I think we should have bedded in stage 1.  Finished it off properly and then launched into stage 2 but ..... excitement got the better of us. It was a great break from the norm though and something for us to revisit maybe later in the year.

At this point we rediscovered a long lost friend Blood Bowl!

There followed a manic few months where first I played by Orks and then my Skaven. It was pure joy. 

I launched myself into scenery building first for the Orks and then for the Skaven. This was all new to me and it added to the joy in a big way.

We had been away from the large scale games now for a while and Gameworkshop brought out the 7th Edition for 40k. We couldn't resist and new rules were purchased, new models bought and new armies developed.

First my 1500 point army which was victorious and then my Ultimate 2500 point Walker Army which did not fare so well. But it was fun all the way with great banter and name calling!!

Christmas has been heralded with the arrival of a new venture - Zombicide.

I am already deep in the painting phase and my Zombies are gradually becoming drenched in blood. Now that just has to be a great start to the year!!

Roll on 2015 and all the fun that it brings.

Happy gaming out there in hobby land.



    1. Well done you - not cheap though at over £10 and another £3 postage. Emmmmmm

  2. Still loving the idea of Blood Bowl – maybe we need to start a fresh season.
    Also looking forward to more Zombicide and maybe X-WIng this coming year – seems boxed games could be the way forward.
    …but then again Dark Crucible needs finishing ;)

    1. Now don't forget someone has got Mars Attacks and Rum n Bones too! :D Lots of fun to be had this year!

    2. We need to get some dates in diaries I am thinking. Would be good to make it regular if possible - say first Sunday of the month or something - what do you guys think?

    3. Rum n Bones looks interesting! Have you already got this or is it on its way?

    4. I'm afraid, that's only just funded so a while for that one yet, but a regular slot sounds like fun - it will certainly give me something to look forward to.

    5. I love the idea of a regular game day but not sure it will go down too well at the moment if I suggest it to the diary mistress. In a couple of months time things should be easier.

  3. I enjoyed watching you & Mike's 40k madness very much yet at the same time wept knowing 40k isn't a game worth playing anymore.

    1. Thanks Robert. 40k has moved along way from its roots alright and lets face it there are plenty of alternatives that can be much more fun.

    2. It's very easy to get sucked into the madness and it's all very exciting, then you play a game and discover, after everything, it's not that much fun. A real shame.