Thursday 8 January 2015


Yes folks, the paints have been out and work has been progressing on the zombies. It is an interesting challenge to try and get the models different but in theme. The colour pallet needs to broaden and I have figured out I usually paint green and blue sometimes a little red but that it my limit. I am really enjoying this though.

I started with a fairly human skin tone and have recently moved onto something a bit more dead and decayed with a green / blue hue to it.  I am treating the groups in fives so that I don't get to disheartened by the huge numbers involved.

Tray 1 -  I have started all four of the Fatties but still need seven more zombies and 10 walkers.
Tray 2 - Not started.

I am enjoying the level of detail that each model contains. It is not until you start painting them that you appreciate it.

This Fatty has a zipper on the boiler suit and a belt buckle hanging down in front. There is also a little tool bag on the right hip with a pliers, hammer and couple of other tools in. The vest is also torn in places and the face a mouth with teeth and a good level of facial detail. I need to have him under the magnifying glass just to see it never mind paint it.

The last thing to add is the bloody gore. This really adds something to the finished article and looks great on the board when playing.

Oh oh - I have just counted the zombies and ....... I make it thirteen so far ..........


  1. Loving the chap with the green marigolds on! :D Great job Sir, I feel the need to get amongst mine, as it were.

    1. I had a look at your Fatties that you published on the last post. Thats where I got the green / blue skin idea but I still need to perfect it. The detail on your painting is amazing. I was looking at the shadow lines around the handbag - stunning. Don't know how you do it mate.