Sunday 4 January 2015

Over confidence the killer

I have recently been playing Zombicide and enjoying the experience. I have worked my way through a few of the Missions. I started with the 00 Tutorial which came good and got me used to the play sequence.

I moved on to play 07 Grindhouse. This is listed as 'easy' and helps to learn the whole noise principle. I played to a number of times and lost the first couple. However in time I learned to move the zombie horde around using 'line of sight' against the 'noise'.

I then tried 02 Y-zone. This is classed as 'medium'. I applied the lessons learned so far and successfully completed the mission a few times. It is a great learning mission as it has some big rooms which reveal loads of zombies especially if opened when the threat level has risen beyond 'blue'. Important to open big building early but frightening if you don't have the weaponry to handle them. I suffered lots of wounds but survived.

I decided to tackle 05 Big W next. The buildings are not quite as big but it is classed as 'hard'. Again success. Challenging but good to play.

I felt ready to step up and play something that included cars. A new twist. I went for 03 The 24hrs race of zombicity. It is classed as 'medium'. There was a lot to get used to. It is easier to get weapons because you can loot the vehicles. However this does not let you gain the 'loads of ammo' that I had become used to. Then you can drive the cars to mow down zombies. A really cool idea. Make sure that the survivors are not in way. It was close but I got a couple of games done with success.

And so to 04 Drive-by shooting. My downfall. The board is smaller and I figured I could handle it but no! It whipped my ass. I think I didn't make enough use of the cars but this was tough due to there being only one road. I am planning a revisit. A new plan is required.

However on the up side the painting is moving along.

I have been working on the Survivors building up the layers. They look good on the battlefield and it is easier to get into character.

The zombies are coming along as well. I do love a good blood splatter!

Obviously along way to go here, but its a start.

Survivor Phil is a cool guy. As a cop he starts with a pistol and this means that early in the game he is important.

I usually play him second or third. He backs up someone armed with the fire axe who opens doors. It is his job to clear the first room. He is a handy shooter and later in the game he has the skill 'Born Leader' which gives another action to anyone in the group who needs it. A great help.

Survivor Doug is also cool.

You want Doug to be searching as fast as possible because he has the 'matching set' attribute. This means that if he gets a pistol or similar with the 'matching set' symbol he automatically gains the second of the same weapon. He has good variety and can be used for ranged or combat. At high levels he can be truly awesome! For example - Ambidextrous allows him to wield two chainsaws at the time that is a whole lot of dice to roll and a lot of Zombies to take down!!

Be happy and enjoy the Zombicide!


  1. Well this has certainly caught your imagination and I've still yet to play a game with the cars so you are well ahead of me! Lovely progress on the painting too - you are putting us all to shame.

    1. So says the 'zombie king'. I reckon you have more zombies, complete with guts and gore, in Awdry Towers than exists in the game ;-)