Saturday 3 January 2015

Getting the paints out - Zombicide

Well I have played a few games of Zombicide and am really enjoying it. I started with the introduction game and then moved on to the 'easy' missions. Yesterday I played my first 'hard' mission and then this morning I used cars for the time.

There is a lot to think about and I have learned that line of sight is very important to move the zombies around. There needs to be some use of this ploy to keep the zombies from piling onto the main group. I like to keep at least one person separate and in the street. This means that some of the zombies will move towards that person instead of moving towards the noisy square.

Using unpainted models was driving me nuts. I am just not used to it. Its just so bland. My plan is to get some paint on a Fatty, some zombies and the Survivors.

I started with a Fatty. Having a look online pointed me towards a very orange boiler suit.

I have kept it basic at the moment but will add detail later. He looks intimidating on the field of play. I kept him looking 'dirty' and the idea will be to adopt this for all of the zombie horde.

My first Survivor is Wanda.

I must say that there is a fantastic level of detail on the model. Once I started to paint I kept finding little things and I really like that. Too many layers of paint can swamp the details - so beware. Wanda is great fun to play as she can move twice as fast as others. She also gets the options to improve movement and combat at higher levels. She can be great for slipping in and stealing that last objective to save the day.

My next survivor is Josh.

Josh is interesting because he has 'Slippery' from the start. This means that he can move through Zombies without penalty. So he is good at getting out of tight spots. He can be a distraction to move Zombies away from the group. Armed with a Goalie Mask (saves a wound) and Molotov Cocktail he can really do damage by sliding up next to a square filled with Zombies and taking the whole lot out.

I am enjoying the game and recommend it anyone. The nice thing is that you can play by yourself.

Now back to the painting station.


  1. Well done you! Cracking start to the hordes of shuffling undead!

    1. Thanks mate. There are just sooooo many of them. I have made a start on some of the zombies this morning and am impressed at the level of detail. One of the female zombies has a hole in the back of dress and you can see a thong peeping out. Amazing!!