Sunday 28 December 2014


With 2014 coming to end I felt that it would be prudent to ask Santa for a new project. He kindly delivered Zombicide.

I played a couple of games earlier in the year and really enjoyed the experience. It is a co-operative game with its own unique game mechanics. The players work together against the zombies which are controlled by the game. You can even play on your own - cool.

It is an interesting balance that needs to be struck. The players start with little equipment and need to search areas to find weapons and kit to make you more powerful. I love the chainsaw, hehe. Whilst doing so you run the risk of encountering zombies. You make noise and this attracts zombies. More zombies spawn every turn. More and more and more .....

The balance is to move quickly but not too quickly.

There is also an interesting dynamic as the different players will have opposite views to risk and yet there really needs to be a single plan. Great fun.

I have played my first few games and have really got into the characters. I will need to get the paints out though as this business of playing with unpainted models is driving me nuts.

I have also been looking online and there is lots of expansion possibilities. First things first though. Play a little and paint a little and see where it takes me.