Sunday 27 July 2014

Pretty in pink

Pink - I hear you say, how could that colour possibly work its way into an Ork army? Well now - think about it!

Orks are all about getting stuck in. Any opportunity and they will plant a choppa where it hurtz!

Every Ork? Really? Think now ....

The truth is that not every Ork will get stuck in - lets take the Mek for example ..... He is not a Big Mek is he? His runs around with his mekz toolz and fixes things. When the going gets tough the Mek gets his toolz out!! Emmm. Now if I was an Ork what colour would I give this fine Mek. Perhaps pink might come to mind ;-)

So - I have noticed that every HQ choice (not a big Mek) gets a 15 point Mek. This Mek must go into Infantry or Artillery sections but it is another character or number of characters which can be important. Meks definitely have a place in an Ork army roster.

'To tool' or 'not to tool' will be the question?

Obviously I have not got any models built - so another trip to the Bitz Box! Amazing what you can find and I now have three to give me options. The pants are the give away.

Pretty in Pink! I do love the idea :-) And after a bit more work they are good to go.

This army is coming together nicely.


  1. So are you saying that these mini-meks are so girly that when the fighting starts they'll grab their pink panties and run for it?

    I think you should paint a daisy motif on them ;)

    1. Flower Power man!! Peace and love and .....

      Lets see how you like being on the wrong end of the Kustom Mega-Blasta R24", S8, AP2, Assault 1, Get hot!

    2. That's what Cultists are for… fodder ;)