Friday 25 July 2014

Da cunnin plan

The next date is in the diary - August the 10th - a visit from the new Iron Fists. I can't wait.

My new Ork Codex is in the post and is due today / tomorrow. In the mean time I have been reading up on some of the changes and there appears to be lots to get excited about.

Mekboyz and Painboys sound like they will find there way into new ork armies.

Tank Bustas have become much more predictable. Stormboyz rock! Buggies and Koptas are a lot cheaper. Rokkits sound like they are cheap or free. The Stompa is in the codex! New formations allow Waagh every turn!! Flash Gitz and Lootas are cheaper. New Gorkanaut / Morkanaut. Weirdoyz are better. Looted Wagons are much cheaper (white dwarf - I will need to see this). New artillery guns. And what about bikes? And sooooo much more. Oh it is all sooo exciting!! If I'm not careful I will soon start to leak and be sat here in puddle ;-)

Move 6", disembark 6", run D6", charge 2D6", plus 2" if vehicle has plank. That is 17-34" !

And so to the plan. We generally play 1500 points. Our last discussions were that this really needed to be 1750 - 2000pts to get a properly balanced set-up however I'm assuming we will start at 1500 points and build up from there. The first game with the new 7th edition rules will be slow anyway as we look things up for the first time.

And after days of planning my new cunnin plan .....

"Shoot the choppy and chop the shooty!" A winning combination :-)

Bring it on!!


  1. I have the White Dwarf with looted vehicles – I'll bring it for you.

    I think we should start at 1500 as it's likely to be a very slow game as we re-learn the rules!!

    As far as the Imperial Fists go, our plan is just to shoot!

    1. I assume you don't mean 3 o'clock! Can't wait to hear how this pans (or pains) out!

    2. Haha…no. A 3pm start would have us still playing at midnight!

    3. Well if you just shoot I guess I will just chop ;-)