Saturday 26 July 2014

Ghazghkull Thraka

I have been looking at HQ choices for my orks. This was usually a dull affair and previously I kept the spend here to the bare minimum in favour of taking lots and lots of boyz.

I learned a big lesson at a tournament where I took a Warboss and some Nobs, put them all in a Battle Wagon and lost the lot due to a special rule that allowed skidding. Some zany dice rolls meant that I skidded off the board just as I was about to kick some Dark Eldar butt! I will never forget it!

With HQ in mind - I felt like having some fun today so I revisited my Ghazghkull model. In the past I have taken a Big Mek as my HQ choice and sometimes in Mega Armour. I had scaled down the Ghaz model to suit this purpose, putting him on a smaller base and removing his iron gob. I was trying to make him look smaller.

Today was 'reconstruction day' so that the real Ghazghkull could bestride the field of battle once more.

Needless to say I first looked to his base. He needed something trophy like. Well gosh and golly it seems he has found an Imperial Fists Rhino to jump up and down on - how could that have happened? Naughty Ghazghkull!

I found his Iron Gob and reattached it and then did some work on his paint job. He is starting to fit right in! I have kept the yellows different for emphasis. The ork yellow being quite dirty whereas the Iron Fists yellow is brought forward to an almost white highlight. I think it sets him off magnificently!!

At 225 points - do I dare contemplate bringing him to the battle??


  1. Absolutely Orksome! Although I expect that the Iron Fists may want the bits of their Rhino back! :D

    1. Oh but certainly - we very much intend giving the bits back - if they can be encouraged to bend over for careful insertion!

  2. It looks like you will indeed be facing "Iron Fists" over the coming weeks, though not at the same time…
    First of all my Iron Warriors will be making an appearance on the 10th as the Orks try to oust them from their mineral-blessed planet base, then once settled, the yellow armoured Imperial Fists will be coming to cleanse the Ork menace!

    1. Sorry about that - Imperial Fists - I have amended the post.