Tuesday 4 March 2014

Skilling up a Gutter Runner - part 2

Well after game one we had lots of discussion about Skilling up a Gutter Runner

Following game 3 three I am now in a position to implement some of the advice received.

Defensive Gutter Runner
As you can see - Gutter Runner number 1 Plagueric Carbunkle has made great strides and now stands on 17 SPP's. I had given him Block, which served great in game 2, and am proposing to add Tackle for the second skill

This means that other players are not allowed to use their dodge skill when in his tackle zones. This also applies to Block dice 'Defender Stumbles'.

Plagueric is really starting to stand out and this will help to maintain his progress. He should be a menace from now on especially tying up the ball carrier or potential receiver. Dodge and Block to keep him on his feet and Tackle to prevent those agile types from using Dodge to get away.

Blitzing Gutter Runner

Treek Throttle blitzed the Dark Elf, Heartrender and killed him outright. It seems only fitting that he becomes the first Blitzing Gutter Runner build. His 6 SPP's have given him his first skill and I am thinking of 'Wrestle'. This will be to aid him in making Blocks.

Wrestle means that if 'Both Down' is the result of a block, both players are placed 'prone' (even if one has the Block skill) and it does not cause a turnover unless the active player has the ball.

The aim will be to combine this with a 'Strip Ball' skill. This will mean that even if the opposing player is not knocked down a roll 'Pushed' or 'Defender Stumbles' will strip the ball.

The result is that anything other than a 'Skull' would strip the ball. Now that is a potent combination!


What is interesting is that now I have 3 players with skills I am starting to feel that 1 apothecary is not a lot of saves!


We had been playing the Apothecary incorrectly - having had the feedback we did a reroll. I got my Lineman back and Heartrender is miraculously returned, with a broken ankle.

As such I have spent my money on another Thrower taking my numbers to 13. Its where I wanted to be.


  1. The only way you can have more than one Apothecary is via inducements so, now you're Team Value is increasing, you're going to have to tread carefully as you're unlikely to get any ;)

  2. I would probably have chosen something different than tackle - for two reasons;
    1) if you try to mark a dodge piece with him, due to your S2 they will just blitz away
    2) again due to your S2, he is not the most ideal hitting piece. Block is a defensive skill as well as a hitting skill, but if you are gonna hit someone with a gutter, it's probably the ball carrier and you probably want it to be your wrestle/strip ball (eventually) player.

    My suggestion would be side step. This will make him near impossible to curtail and increases his survival ability. He can't be pushed where your opponent can make more blocks. He cannot be pushed so that he can no longer score next turn. He can stand on the sidelines safely.

    1. I like your thinking. I have just been reading up on the Side Step skill and it is pretty cool - thanks.