Tuesday 4 March 2014

My own sweet Fezglitch

When looking at the game 3 options for inducements I gave a lot of consideration to taking the maniac that is the Skaven Star Player - Fezglitch. Complete chaos in a single drive for 100,000gp.

Sense prevailed however and in the morning I did not take him.

However on the evening before I wanted to make sure that I had a model in place if needed so I paid a visit to the bits box.

I found an old chaos bit of chain attached to a skull. I glued a plastic marine head to the end of it and then covered in a very thin layer of green stuff before attaching it to some plastic rod that was on a tank sprue and hey presto I had something to represent the man himself.

But surely he has to have a 'fez'!

That famous' Tommy Cooper' hat. I am going to give it a try with some green stuff and lets see how it goes.

He he ...

Its the little things in life that makes the difference :-)

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