Monday 8 September 2014

A touch of chaos - Pink Horrors

As part of my ongoing exploration of Chaos Daemons I ordered the Codex, always a good start ;-). As with these things there is the temptation to add something to the order so I decided to invest in a box of Pink Horrors. The models look great and it will give me another unit to choose from. Also I had an idea for painting Orky daemons and thought it would good to start with them.

My theory is that the daemons are being summoned using Ork Waaagh Energy. This magical energy is created by the Orks themselves when they enter that blood crazed state of the Waaagh. The Weird Boy is just harnessing the energy as it flows through him. So it is very much an Ork thing!

On that basis I figure that the daemons that are summoned must have an Ork core. They are what they are but the Waaagh Energy adds something to the mixture.... I give you the manifestation of an Ork Pink Horror. I love it. (He giggled madly over his cup of tea)

Painting - I have attempted to merge the colours so that I am going through Light Green - Dark Green - Purple - Pink, mixing them as I go. I have used washes and highlights to bring elements forward and then knock them back. I have made the Green the standout colour and kept the Pink fairly dull. The bright Blue is another theme accent colour for my Orks so the tongue fits in well.

I have given them the 'dirty yellow' for feathers as this is another theme accent colour in my army. I have gone for the this yellow on the beaks as well, a nod to the colour of the 'iron gobs' on my guys.

The Blue tongue is a nod to the couple of Blue Horrors that are inside every Pink Horror. Finally I have gone for Blue Gems and again this is aimed at the Blue Horrors within. I think they look mad and will fit right into the army.

Still a lot of work to do, but don't you just love it when you have an idea and, when implemented, it turns out to be pretty cool. I will be picking out details on these guys for weeks.

I have started to read up the rules for the daemons - man its complicated but I have just noticed that these guys 'Hate Nurgle'. How appropriate is that for the storyline? These guys would be very clear on who the opposition is!!


  1. Those look like yellow tail feathers to me ;)

    1. Ha ha! I should decorate all the chaotic models with them to 'honour' that famous chaos chicken ---- Typhus ;-

  2. I thought you'd have stuck Ork heads in place of horror heads to make them a bit more orkish - looks like they would have fitted well - or just make horrors out of leftover ork bits.