Saturday 7 June 2014


No no - its not my fault - you see it just kinda happened all on its own. My mouse hovered and I must have clicked and then the postman came and ...... and .........  ;-)

Its Ork time! Bring on the Gorkanaut!

Yes indeed, it has arrived and the kit is really cool. Lots to do and great options.

One will not be enough.


  1. Oh my good Lord, dare I ask how big that is?

  2. Big enough to 'crush da hummies' - Waaaaagghhhh! Its big and has been a joy to assemble. I spent hours on it today and I have still to add the finishing touches - do I go horns and spikes .... dmmmm? I love the way there is an irk 'driving' the gun and another for the rockets. Its such fun and so Ork! Good job GW. Now I feel the need for some 'Flash Gitz' - lol