Tuesday 17 June 2014

Ork Walkers

I have paid a visit to the garage and started to unpack some of my Orks. Always a pleasure, never a chore. The beauty is that you forget some of the wonderful models that are in storage, you find unfinished projects and it gets the juices flowing.

I wanted to dig out the walkers and have a look at them. They were a joy to assemble and are packed with blades and spikes and all kinds of Orky goodness. I also needed to make sure that the paint scheme for the new Gorkanaut was tying in to the overall theme.

First out were the Killa Kans and Deff Dread. I spent quite a bit of time on them previously going with the Yellow jaw, red shoulder pads and then touches of blue. They were inspired by some fantastic painting in one of the old White Dwarf magazines. The first unit that I really spent time on was my 'Ard Boyz. The colour scheme started with them and has spread. It is loud, it is gaudy and that what makes it Ork'ish.

My Gorkanaut has been coming along nicely and was fitting in well. More red washes I think.

He has a bit more blue to him and I need to work on getting the yellow more 'dirty' and then add more defined horizontal stripes to the should pads but he is looking the part.

The Ork Stompa is still the biz though. I think I need to get some of the Goff black and white squares onto the Gorkanaut somewhere as well and maybe even a yellow panel or two.

They will look great on the battle field though. I have always been somewhat lucky with the walkers. My Deff Dread, 'Da Basha' to his friends has survived some 'hairy' situations and pulled off some amazing feats. This is his third incarnation. I still have the other two somewhere. I must see if I can drag them out and dust them down for old times sake. At the end of a battle it is good to have some bragging rights and 'Da Basha' has been the source of much 'Dark Templar' baiting over the years ;-) Long may this continue!!


  1. Looking good and working well as a group, but what in God's green earth is a Stompa? It's huge, are those Orks trying to compensate for something? ;)

  2. lol - the Stompa is for really big games. I have not had the chance to play it yet but .... maybe this summer. And yes - size is everything to an Ork from the size of his Choppa to the size of his ............... Stompa ;-)

  3. You're missing a Forgeworld Mega Dread, which would finish the group off nicely!

    1. Just had a look at it online. Interesting looking bit of kit. I also found the Kommando upgrade kit. Emmmm ;-)