Thursday 19 June 2014

The Gathering

Its been a while since we have indulged in the pleasures of Warhammer 40k but with the new rules has come new models and this in turn brings temptation. I have been rummaging in the garage and rediscovering my love of Orks. So many unfinished projects, it is great and I am loving the paint table yet again.

The Dark Templar decided to build a new marine force to take on the threat posed by my Ork horde. I despair that it is the Imperial Fists he has chosen with all that bright yellow armour. It makes life really hard for my Kommandos.

Kommandos are supposed to be good at being 'cunin'. They sneak into position behind enemy lines causing chaos wherever they go. The trouble is that they lack subtlety. Here is a prime example - my Kommando Nob puffing away on a large cigar whilst a chattering gretchin plays with sticks of dynamite. No subtlety!

So why are the Imperial Fists causing such a problem well ........

Its just that my guys insist on carrying trophies and that yellow is going to make it even harder to be successfully camouflaged!! He, he.


  1. Nice!
    You've painted more yellow armour than me so far!

    1. And I have followed up with some yellow touches elsewhere. Little bite here and there ;-)