Saturday 14 June 2014

Gorkanaut assembly

I have had great fun assembling the new Gorkanaut. It is a great kit with lots to do and there are plenty of options to change the look of the beast.

This is what I went for in the end. A big Klaw on the right hand side with shoot shootas and that amazing looking gun on the left. There is an ork sitting behind the gun which is a nice detail and there is Dakka running out of every orphus.

The Klaw is a great piece of work. It is suitably huge and looks really 'meaty'. I could easily see it ripping hunks out of enemy tanks and transports.

I spent a few days getting some paint on and I am really enjoying the level of detail. I have gone with my usual Red, Yellow & Blue so that it will tie in with the rest of the army.

I went to town with the washes to really dirty the whole thing up and no doubt I will spend another few evening picking out detail here and there. I thought I would include a 'Painboy' in the picture to give a better idea of scale.

A monster addition, a fun build and a treat to paint.

It will be fun to get some of the other Ork pieces out of the garage and see them all together. I feel a Waaaagghh coming on.


  1. What a beast and I can't believe you've got the whole thing built and painted - marvellous!

  2. No hanging around… fantastic job!