Saturday 28 July 2012

The Painting Bug

Well I have been bitten again and find myself painting. This tends to happen in fits and starts. I have a number of ork characters and a few ork squads that are in need of a little love and attention. I like to play with painted models so I have 2 stages that I take models through: -

1. Build, base and undercoat the models. Then I apply the green skin in layers and washes, and a basic brown to the clothing. I black the metal and dry brush with bolt gun metal and then apply a wash. At this stage the models can be used in battle. But they are not really painted.

2. Paint the models, pick out the detail and pay some attention to the look of the model.

I have been looking forward to painting these guys for a while and they are coming along nicely. They still need tidying up but they are really cool models.

Same goes for this bad boy. You got to love a Big Mek!! Areal pleasure to paint.

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