Sunday 8 July 2012

From little acorns do mighty Ork armies grow

We all start somewhere. I spent some time in the garage this morning and dug out some of my first 40k models. Nazdreg and my Bad Moon Orks. Seems such a long time ago now but the fun was there from the start.
I played with lots of unpainted models in the beginning and had no clue how to base the models either. Plenty of examples of that lack of knowledge on show here. 
White Dwarf played a fine role in educating me and slowly my painting skills improved.

This is my first Dread 'Ba Basha'. He was always a lucky model for me and the trend has continued down the years. If its bolted together by the Big Mek and walks on two legs I seem to be able to roll the right dice.

This was always my favourite model. You fired a load of grots that materialised inside a vehicle and shredded the occupants, unless it went badly wrong, those fickle dice gods Gork and Mork. How very Orky!!


  1. I never collected orks back in the day and always wish I did. Had a few one offs (I think I spy the warphead standing behind the dread :-). Good to see the old ones back out on the table.

  2. Loving the Orky goodness look forward to seeing more of them.

  3. Warphead indeed, well spotted - I used to love playing him when we ruled with magic spells. I will dig out a picture and post it.