Friday 20 July 2012

A little 'Panic!!!" in the ranks

Creating a little panic in the first round or two can be great fun. In a lot of games the first couple of rounds are tactical with armies jousting for position. My Speed Freaks adopt a swarming tactic pushing forward in great numbers, presenting multiple targets and making it difficult for the enemy to decide what to shoot at. In response the enemy often wants to adopt a defensive stance and bunch up.

Enter the Basilisk. Placing this big gun at the back of the line up and dropping template shots on the enemy can create real panic.

What to do? What to do? They want to shoot at all the targets presenting themselves but they also want to take down the big fellow at the back. They want to bunch together to keep away from the advancing Speed Freaks and allow themselves to counter the hand to hand combat that they know is coming but in doing so they are presenting a wonderful opportunity for the Basilisk. Shall they break ranks and send a unit to deal with the big gun? Will one unit be enough to get through the advancing Orks? So many things to think about.......

And all the time the Boyz advance. With Orks it is nearly always boils down to the Boyz and their Choppas. In truth, lots of shiny targets are a distraction to get the Boyz into range for the Waagh!

Adopting these tactics is a real joy to play. You can really get into Ork character and dish out the damage. Its all about slaughtering the enemy to the last man and having bragging rights for the next couple of weeks!!!

And in true Ork style if you are going to go down, go down fighting. In my experience the choppa is a wonderful weapon and can deliver the perfect side parting for any haircut ;-)

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