Wednesday 7 March 2018

Orlock Leadership Skills

For the first game that we played I had not chosen starting skills before setting up. In order to get going I quickly chose some skills immediately before we started but I didn't have a chance to read my options fully. I have had a chance since, so this is the start of a short review.

Orlock Leader


I have learned that the Leader is a pretty important guy. He has 3 wounds so he can take a bit of punishment. He has Mesh armour giving a 5+ save. He has No equipment restrictions - none!
With group activation he can activate 2 other models at the same time. He can take 3 weapons.

Basically you need to decide to use him in combat or for shooting and then tool him up accordingly.

I have decided that Shooting is the way to go.


The Leader starts with a skill.
Primary = Skills are Ferocity, Leadership and Savant
Secondary = Shooting

The Leader is the only character to have access to Leadership as his Primary skill. So what options does he have? Lets have a look: -

Commanding Presence - for group activation add +1 model. This means a Champion can activate 2 models or the Leader can activate 3 models. Now this could be very useful and make for a very high impact turn.

Inspirational - If a fighter within 6" fails a Cool check then make a Leadership check, if passed then so is the Cool test. Not likely to be used much I think.

Iron Will - subtract 1 from any Bottle rolls when this model in on the field and not Seriously Injured. This seems very situational and specific to me.

Mentor - make a Leadership test for this fighter each time a fighter within 6" gains 1 XP. If passed then the fighter gains 2 XP. I like the idea of this but 6" is a very short distance. It could be a nice way to boost XP though especially in medium term.

Overseer - A fighter within 12" can make two actions and get his ready token back. Even the ready token was used they can take 2 actions. This is an extra turn. 12" is a good distance and having an extra turn would be amazing. There are no restrictions but I assume this would be once per round or once per game otherwise you could spam it. This is well worth considering.

Regroup - This is a Leadership test and if passed all Broken models within 6" recovers from being Broken. Again 6" is a very distance and this would be very situational.

My own choice here is probably Overseer. I think that having a model take an extra 2 actions is a really big deal. I would need to be clear about how often it can be used though. Commanding Presence would run it close. The thought of being able to focus 1 + 3 characters on getting a job done seems like a great tactic.


  1. The problem with overseer is that it is a double action so your leader, in effect, loses his turn as a consequence! Is it really worth activating someone else twice rather than your leader? I don't think so personally.

    1. I had not spotted that. Good point. The Leader will have the best stats and probably the best weaponry. I agree.

  2. I would look at Ferocity or Savant instead – much better options!

    1. It's situational because the leader may not be in the right position to take out the enemy you want dropping. He may also not have the right tools for the job like a ranged leader when you could do with someone to help finish a hth combat.