Friday 9 March 2018

Mobile, hostile, agile

So now to weaponry.

I am starting with my Leader and  contemplating what direction to take.

I think of him as my main support. I have given him Commanding Presence so I see him traveling with a group and shooting. I don't want him in hand to hand really.

He starts with a BS of 3+

A the beginning I gave him a Shotgun with salvo and scatter. I wanted him to have something with a bit of punch. The salvo rounds have a range 12" with a S4 doing D2, causing Knockback and it is Rapid Fire (1) which gives the potential for more damage.

Shredder is a Template weapon causing D6 wounds but only has a S2. I see it being good in a crowd to maybe pin a few people and then use Group Activation to really cause a bit of chaos.

Going forward I have been thinking about a Boltgun. The Boltgun is S4 with a range of 24". Its short range is 12", so decent, and there is a +1 modifier to Hit making it a 2+ to hit on the move. Aim gives a +1 modifier to Hit. This means that even at distance it can be a 2+ to Hit provided you stand still and make the Aim.

The main downside that I can see is the 6+ ammo check roll. There is a 1:6 chance of failing an ammo roll and then you would need to roll a 6+ to get ammo back. These are not good odds.

I would need to have a decent second weapon in reserve. Maybe I should keep the Shotgun?

I don't fancy giving him Heavy Weapons because it would change the play style and I have two Champions already so they should be up to that task.

The Grenade launcher looks cool and could be a good second weapon, giving lots of variety options.

Plasma weapons with scarce - hmm. When they run out of ammo thats it for the game. Can't be reloaded. High risk.

What about a close combat weapon? In the old days the trusty Power Sword was always sought after. There is much to consider.

Each character can only have 3 weapons. I wonder if grenades are considered to be a weapon? I like the idea of chucking a grenade when things are getting too close and then running away ;-)

All thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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