Thursday 8 March 2018

Orlock Savant Skills

The next set of skills to review is Savant. These are available to both the Leader and the Champions.

Orlock Champion
Ballistics Expert - this is a pretty cool skill. If you make an Aim action you get the opportunity to make an Int test, if passed you get a +1 modifier to the hit roll. That is significant. I have given this skill to 'Rivits', one of my Champions and in the first few games it worked out very well. Champions Int is 6+ and the Leader is 5+. A skill well worth having.

Connected - this is a post battle skill and allows an extra Trade action. I dismiss out of hand any skill that doesn't impact on the battlefield playing.

Fixer - another post game skill. You gain D3 x 10 credits if the character is not captured or in recovery. Dismissed again on the basis that it doesn't impact on the battlefield. Credits are good but its boring.

Medicae - Assist a fighter who is making a Recovery test, re-roll Out of Action one time. Due, dull, dull ;-)

Munitioneer - Re-roll ammo check. Now thats what I am talking about. It also applies to any model within 6". I have given this to 'Leveller', my champion with the Heavy Stubber. This weapon is Rapid Fire (2) which means that you roll 2 ammo dice increasing the chance of running out of ammo. This skill made a big difference in the recent games. Kept the big guy in the game. I was very happy to have it.

Savvy Trader - Another post game skill but it does looking interesting. When making a Trade action add 1 to the result to see if the item is available and also reduce the cost by 20 credits (to a minimum of 10 credits)

In summary I think that both the 'in game' skills are excellent and the Munitioneer is a top skill when using any weapon with increased ammo dice increase the chance of running out of ammo. I like the Ballistics Expert skill and it would be worth considering for the Leader if the plan is to operate at range. You have to stand still to get the best benefit though because you need to Aim. So that is a consideration. I usually move the Leader around a fair bit so to support ongoing actions. He offers more threat if the opposition sees him on the move.

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