Tuesday 22 August 2017

Bringing the table to life

I have managed to get the board up and running. I was keen to see the new battle mat (urban ruins from deep cut studios) with some terrain in place. I had a good go through the garage and I actually have very little terrain, something to sort out in the near future I feel. However ....

I have a few craters that I painted up some time ago and the trusty collection of oil tank and associated barrels. Then there are a few lines of sandbags and a metal outpost dug into some earth.

Plane wreak
I have a crashed plane, from one of the starter box sets if I remember correctly, and a wreaked building  which was constructed by the Dark Templar. Also a few hills and trees.

Hills and trench line with pillar box
Finally I added a trench line with pillar box and another couple of hills and trees.

I have alway liked the crashed plane. I have painted some small details here and there and they stand out when playing.

This building has been the centre piece for many of our games. It is good because it significantly breaks line of sight and it has firing platforms at height making it a good location to place some heavy weapons.

I have realised that despite playing Orgs for many many years I have never made any Ork terrain. I will just had to rectify that! I feel a new project coming on. Two or three Ork pieces would give our games a very different feel.

Anyway the battle mat looks good and I can't wait to get a game on it.


  1. Oh yes! Looking good, but some rusty, spikey, oh so dangerous Ork terrain is most definitely called for!

  2. I like the top picture the most as the craters fit it so well with the mat. The green hill and trees look a bit out place on it.
    Seeing your plane makes me want to finish mine.

    1. Agreed, I need to come up with some new terrain. I love the mat though.

    2. I don't know if you're into this kind of thing or if it is even available in their webstore at this moment, but the RUST KS recently had some nifty looking ork scenery.