Thursday 17 August 2017

New playing surface - Urban Ruins!

I have been playing war games for about 30 years, at this stage. My first board was a painted sheet of hardboard and the dice bounced around on it with a loud clipped sound. After a short time I invested in a length of green baize which was a big improvement as this softened and quietened the dice rolling. This has been my playing surface for all that time. It is nearing the end of its life really.

I have had my eye on the 'mouse mat' type material. I really like the feel of it. No creases, rolls up neatly for storage and feels so good.

My most recent visit to Awdry Towers inspired me. The Congo board set-up was just spectacular and was completed by the swamp playing mat. I just couldn't resist anymore and paid Deep Cut Studios a visit. They have a good range, worth a look see. I really liked the look of the Urban Ruins mat and so I parted with some money. Excitement levels high!

Urban Ruins
It has arrived and it is spectacular. I just think that playing on it will be amazing.


I have my three 'objective' tokens prepared and ready for use. The first is called 'retrieving the comms module' the second is 'weapons cache' and the final one is just simply 'bombz'.

I have even been getting the dice used to the surface.

Ork dice roll

Yip indeed, an Ork table with Ork dice and an Ork dice roll. This is going to go soooooo well!


  1. Have to say that looks very nice indeed!

  2. And I bet you're joker fairground looks good on it and worth a few pics.

  3. Oh wow. look at that - absolutely wonderful. How long before you start tweaking your basing colours to match - I lasted about a day! :)