Friday 4 August 2017


We have noticed that there are a lot of objectives needed for the new 40k. A trip to the bits box got the juices going and I give you Gobbo the artist.

After the recent battle some of the Da Boyz returned to scene to pick over the remains. They luckily came across some unused bombz.

Da Bombz
With no Trukk Da Boyz decided to hide the bomb and hastily threw a shelter together that would hide the loot.

Da Hideout
Da bombz were quickly tucked away.

Hidden Stash
At this point Gobbo the grot came ambling up and so he was left in charge of the bombz until Da Boyz could find some transport.

No-one mentioned that this was a hide away. Gobbo thought it would be a good idea to make the place easy to find and so....

Gobbo the artist
painted a big Bombz sign on the side of the hide away. I sure hope that Da Boyz get back there quickly or someone else might just see that sign and then there will be trouble!

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  1. Oh superb, I love it! I instantly thought of the world's most rubbish, yet dangerous, box of fireworks! Kaboooooom! :D